Daycare Software – A Friendly Partner: What Are the Benefits of Using Web-Based Daycare Software?

Web-based software does not require installation on your computer. It runs in a web browser over the internet. You can use the software immediately without the cumbersome and often tedious task of installing it on your computer first. Here are some more of the many advantages to using web-based daycare software.Access from anywhere
Web-based daycare software allows you to login securely with your own user name and password from any computer, laptop, or mobile device, as long as you have internet access. With web-based software you’re not restricted to individual computers, and you always have access to the information that you need.Secure
Using SSL technology, all of your information is encrypted, keeping it secure and away from hackers or others who should not be able to access the information. This same technology is used by banks and government agencies worldwide to protect confidential information. Security of the data is extremely important for daycare software, as it is used to store sensitive information about children and their families.Automated backup
In many web-based software programs, your data is automatically backed up daily. This way it won’t be lost if your computer crashes, your hard-drive is stolen, or you lose your zip drive. Your data will always be safe and secure.Membership includes all upgrades and new features
When updates are released, they are made to your daycare software automatically – no downloads are required. They updates are normally free for as long as you’re using the software, so you’re always using the latest and greatest technology available.Includes ongoing support
If you ever run into technical difficulties, or have questions about your program, technical support staff is available by phone or email to assist you with resolving your issues or questions.Compatibility
Since web-based daycare software runs in a web browser, it’s compatible with any device that has one of the major four web browsers installed: Google Chrome (recommended), Windows IE, Safari, or Firefox. No need to worry about compatibility issues. You can even use the software on different operating systems within your center at the same time.Simple to access
You’re always able to easily access your daycare software, as well as share information with other educators and staff at your center since it’s stored in one central location. Access is controlled with login permissions, so that each user can only access the information that they need to see.Easily budget your software costs
Web-based daycare software allows you to easily budget the ongoing costs of using and maintaining the software at your daycare or childcare center. Although it may initially seem favorable to purchase your childcare software with one upfront fee, there will invariably be unforeseen costs in the future.Technology is always changing, and as you upgrade the computers and operating systems at your center, your daycare software will require updates as well. Just as your car requires regular maintenance, daycare software needs to continually be maintained in order to run properly. When you purchase childcare software with one upfront fee, maintenance is normally not included, and you never know when you will be required to update, or what the upgrade will cost.Web-based daycare software allows you to easily budget your software costs in advance, and you are assured that you’ll always have the upgrades and support that you need to keep your software up-to-date and running smoothly.Flexibility
The monthly cost of web-based daycare software provides you with the flexibility to cancel at any time. Since the ongoing cost of using the childcare software is spread out over monthly payments, your up-front cost is much lower, and should you ever need to cancel your membership, you can do so at any time. All of your data can normally be provided to you in a convenient format, so that it can be used wherever it’s needed next.Conclusion
Not all web-based daycare software will meet the criteria or include the benefits that we’ve mentioned above, however the majority will. As you can see, there are many ways that web-based daycare management software can make your life easier. Many web-based daycare software programs will allow you to try them out free for a period of time. Search the web and see what you can find – if you’re not using web-based software at your childcare center, you might be missing out.

Technofiction Writing Tips – Part 4 of 4 – Building Believable Economic and Political Systems

One of the first things to keep in mind is that an economic system is not a money system. A money system is part of the economic system, but economy is so much more. An economy is about how the resources of a world are exploited and how the wealth created by that exploitation is spread around. Closely related to the economic system is the political system because that describes how the people that deal with all this wealth and activity are organized, and the two are always closely tied together.As human history has shown there are many, many ways to organize both economic systems and governments. What is important to your believability is internal consistency.For example: suppose you have taken time to describe a Stone Age family living in a grass hut by the beach as part of a Stone Age village.OK… then we read…Momma hears a ring tone, whips out a cell phone, listens, and says, “Papa, it’s the Joneses. They have half a dozen lobsters to trade.”"Tell them we’ll give them two pearls, and not a coconut more.” grunts Dad while he is mending nets with the other men who are at the hut.What happened here? Is it believable?What we have here is a mix of technologies, and that mix implies a difference in economies. The cell phone is not coming from the Stone Age, barter-based economy you have been setting up.Is it believable?It can be if your story includes elements of culture differences as part of its theme, or perhaps a touch of humor. This could be part of a story about the lives of villagers next to a new alien city that has sprung up recently, or something ala The Flintstones. But if this is a dramatic fantasy story about vikings, sirens and maidens, this scene is going to be tough sledding.The lesson here is: Have the economy support the story. Decide what the story is about, then weave an economic setting around that premise. The story can be about the economy, or the impact of a new technology, that’s fine, but take the time to figure out the implications of the economy or technology.Some common pitfallsThe most common pitfall I see in stories is scale. Here is an example:The messenger rushes in, bows before the king, and relates the bad news.The king’s face darkens with outrage. He shouts, “GENERAL MAYHEM!”"SIR!” replies the general who moves to in front of him and salutes.”This means war. I want you to attack The Baron’s castle at…” checks his wrist hour glass, “Five o’clock this afternoon.”"Yes Sir!” General Mayhem salutes crisply, about faces, and marches out….Umm, yeah! This general is going to mobilize how many men? Have them march how far? In how long? This is a scale problem. In an effort to rush the story along, this writer has de facto shrunk the army to about twenty men, made General Mayhem a sergeant, put the Baron’s castle about five miles away, and made it about the size of a McDonald’s.This is an example of a scaling problem. I find them ugly, they pop me out of belief suspension. But it should be noted that many readers are insensitive to scaling issues, and many stories with bad scaling problems are considered good stories. For example, because the Star Wars franchise centers around a handful of characters, I find the Empire feels more like a county than a country.A second pitfall relates directly to economies. Try this scene:The strong, silent hero rides his horse into the western town situated in the middle of a plain of endless hard cake mud.As he rides by the general store, he hears a fair-voiced damsel inside plead to the store owner, “Please, just a little more credit?”He stops in front of the saloon. He walks through the swinging doors, by twenty men sitting at tables, up to the bar…Umm… exactly what is keeping this town alive, and the people there? What are these people doing for money? Where are the merchants getting their supplies from? What is the town shipping out to bring those supplies in?In sum: Who’s paying for what?This is the full-face economic problem. Once again, for some kinds of stories it is ignored. But if you ignore it, you are writing a fairy story or a parable. And the problem with that is there are only seven story types, so you are going to be doing a retread of someone else’s retread. Your challenge becomes a fashion challenge: Can I write what is fashionable in story telling right now?The alternative is to take your economy seriously, and reveal what differences technology and economy make to how people live. That will provide you with an endless variety of new stories. I find this a lot more fun.One last pitfall to note, this one being about writing about real economies: There is a lot of disagreement among readers about how an economy should function, and that disagreement is based on emotion. This is why it’s easy to write completely preposterous stories about evil bankers and evil rich businessmen and have many readers enjoy the result. But this difference in beliefs is does have an advantage if you write about believable and internally consistent economies: You can make editorial comments, and people will take them seriously.Seeing it like a tourist or seeing it like a native?One important element of a believable economy is the context of the viewer: Are you viewing this economy as a passing through stranger or an I’m living it full-time native?This difference first hit me when I was being an English teacher in Korea. I did so for many years, and found that what looked strange and alien the first year started looking more logical and practical as I stayed longer and experienced more. Here is an example:When I traveled into the countryside on the weekends to see second-tier tourist attractions, I would stop at country convenience stores to get a Coke. One day I noticed that the Coke cans were consistently put on the shelves upside down. This was strange, and this was no accident!It was also a great topic for the weekday English class. I would tell my students about my travels and let them help me understand what I’d seen. I loved it because I learned more, and they loved it because talking about my travels was talking about a familiar and comfortable topic for them. That made it easier for them to practice their English.When I brought up the upside down Coke mystery they responded, “Oh! That’s to keep the top from getting dusty. You don’t do that in the US?”"… No, I guess that’s because in the US they are always inside a cooler.”Mystery solved, and I was now seeing this from the native perspective, not the tourist perspective.This perspective issue is something to keep in mind. When you are telling your story, who’s seeing your economy and what background to they bring to their sight?And there you have it. In sum:o If you’re telling a parable or a fairy story, a believable economy is not important.o Economies shape how people relate to each other and their environment. This is why it is important to your story.o Economies are an emotional issue and different people see them as running different ways. This gives you the chance to do some editorializing, but it means that some readers will disagree with how believable your economy is.o Is the observer in your story native to the economy or a tourist? Observers will see the economy differently depending on their background.Have fun with your economies.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

An overview and a brief description Drug, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology constitute the main constituents of Healthcare & Life Sciences field. Since the area caters to the lives and existence of humans, it is a matter to strict regulatory mechanisms needing dedicated expertise in knowledge processing, with enhanced quality, and devotion to international standards. Hence, it has become a chief thrust zone for the worldwide giants in the IT industry and also for corporates involved in investigation and development of new products.IT solutions for healthcareIT solutions for healthcare aid improve healthcare delivery and patient results by facilitating the respective solution providers being more capable, price effective, and inventive.Complemented with comprehensive partnerships and established know-how, the IT solutions aid you to:• Allow clinician movement through unified, safe access to acute Windows, web, mobile, and custom applications, along with file sharing services and collaboration tools, on their own device of preference• Accomplish functioning competences and quicken time-to-value for acquisitions and healthcare consolidation by offering IT as a cloud service• Guarantee confidentiality of individual health facts and guard sensitive data wherever, however and by whomever it is gained access to• Strengthen patient-focused care and advance outcomes across locations and specialisms through, telemedicine, mobility, and social allianceHealthcare IT solutionsHealthcare IT solutions make over healthcare IT with the help of desktop, enterprise mobility management, application virtualization, data sharing, societal collaboration, remote support, and cloud networking. The solutions help transmute healthcare IT with safe access to apps, information, and data to provide best care.
The innovative and all-inclusive clinical information solutions are the need of the hour for the Healthcare industry.Healthcare solutionsHealthcare solutions increase the clinician contentment, develop care team competence, generate higher-quality clinical documentation and, finally, drive patient protection care. Healthcare & Life Sciences solutions aid the experts regain control over paper-intensive clinical, billing, supervisory, and managerial procedures.The healthcare solutions aids healthcare experts accomplish extraordinary competence along with noteworthy cost savings, greater safety, enhanced traceability, and improved productivity.Life science solutionsLife science solutions aid relevant companies respond effectively to challenges. Offering cohesive end-to-end Healthcare not just caters to the apparent needs, but brings about an assimilated change.Healthcare solutions and services cover the complete Healthcare & life sciences value chain right from corporate to back office operations. Henceforth, they aid you to streamline costs, improve operational efficacies, and develop business agility all across all significant business procedures. Innovative solutions made help the industry to meet its dynamic requirements.Healthcare firms can leverage societal business to improve productivity, grow insights into customers, and nurture novelty.